Global Balanced Advisor

The Global Balanced Advisor is an All-Cap Core Worldwide strategy managed to moderate risk, searching the globe to find the best investments in the equity and fixed income markets.

The Strategy

This portfolio is not an equity or fixed income strategy. It is a global balanced strategy designed to maximize performance by managing risk, investing without favor to either equity or fixed income.

Mandated by the Investment Guidelines, this strategy can own up to 80% in equity mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), or up to 80% in fixed income mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Global Balanced Advisor

Performance Objective

The performance objective of the Global Balanced Advisor is to outperform the Comparative Index (60% of the MSCI World Index (Net) (WORLD) and 40% of the Bloomberg Barclays Global-Aggregate Index), over 10-year rolling periods and since inception after trading costs, expenses and the advisory fee.

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